Non-owned Aircraft Coverage

Non-owned Multi's & Rotor Aircraft Insurance Coverage

For those of you who like to rent other aircraft, most policies include coverage for non-owned aircraft provided the aircraft is in the same category as the one you own. The parameters for the non owned aircraft can include horsepower, seating capacity, and hull values to name a few. However, none of the policies includes non owned coverage for multi or rotor wing aircraft. AIG (now Chartis Aerospace) has begun to offer a totally separate non owned policy for these two categories.  These risks have to be submitted on an individual basis and reviewed by an underwriter.  The policies for the multi and rotor aircraft will specifically identify the models in which you will be covered.  In other words, you will not be covered in “any” multi or rotor aircraft you choose. Obtaining coverage for non owned multi’s and rotor aircraft has been difficult to do in the past. For those wanting to transition and obtain these ratings, this has been complicated if and when the flight schools were requiring non owned policies from their renters. Thankfully, we are able to offer you this coverage now.

Flight School Coverage

While on the subject of flight schools, sometimes the schools wish to be named as additional insureds to include “waivers of subrogation”. The various insurance companies address this issue differently. AIG will add the school as additional insured at no cost, but will add 10% of the hull premium for a waiver of subrogation. Global will do both at no charge provided the school you are using is on their approved list. If the school is not on the list, that’s it.  Other companies review the requests on an individual basis.  Actually, the flight schools should really include in their own policies coverage for non owned aircraft so that they can instruct in “other peoples’ aircraft”. The companies we use for our clients do try to be accommodating and help whenever possible.

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