Life Insurance

Pilot Life Insurance

Not all life insurance companies will offer policies for pilots. Aircraft & Marine Assurance has a wide array of companies which will offer excellent rates for pilots. For pilots with adequate experience, there is usually no increase in premiums. The parameters for the preferred rates cover a wide spectrum of average flying habits. Private pilots with at least 250 total hours of flying experience and usually an instrument rating fit into the preferred category. It is in a pilot's favor to fly between 50 and 250 hours per year.

Pilots who fly commercially either for the airlines or for corporations in the private sector are eligible as well and the cap on maximum hours flown per year is lifted. Pilots are generally healthier than the general population. They know that they have to stay in good shape in order to pass their medical exams every two or five years. This is why our companies do not surcharge pilots as long as they meet certain very flexible criteria. Life insurance will provide a continuous source of income.

A policy settlement will assure that your children and spouse will have a continuous source of income for their education and living expenses for years to come. These monies can go to pay off mortgages or school debts. Rates are very reasonable. Each year you should analyze your situation to see if your needs have changed if you already have a policy. For example, your debts or family size may have changed. Aircraft & Marine Assurance has a wide variety of companies that will offer excellent rates for life insurance for our pilots.