Drone Coverage

Drone (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Insurance Coverage

The use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) better known as drones is increasing so quickly that by 2020, more than 7,000,000 drones will have been purchased by hobbyists. Many are wondering if they really need to purchase insurance. More drones are being seen flying above parks and in neighborhoods besides away from populated areas as they have in the past. The great increase in this activity either for pleasure use or for commercial use will mean accidents will be happening. As you can imagine, there are several scenarios which could result in an accident.  The first that comes to mind is a drone falling and crashing into property or a human being. Also included could be invasion of privacy.

Drone Insurance Coverage Options

Many are wondering if they have to purchase insurance for a full year or, is a short-term policy available?  It is good to know that first of all, coverage may be purchased in blocks of one, four and eight hour segments. Liability coverage not only covers any damage or injury that may occur with the drone, but also lawsuits pertaining to invasion of privacy. For those using drones as a hobby and flying under Part 107 there are certain rules to follow. 1) Stay away from populated areas. 2) Use the drone during daylight hours, 3) Do not exceed 400 feet above the ground, 4) The drone must stay within visual line of sight of the operator or spotter.

If you need to purchase insurance for your drone activities, please call Aircraft & Marine Assurance at (800) 466-4944 to get the coverage that fits your needs. You will easily be able to purchase the limits of liability and length of time that will be required.

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