Commercial Aviation Insurance

Instruction & Rental

Aircraft & Marine can provide a very inexpensive policy for instruction and rental for up to two named pilots on one’s policy. For more than two pilots/renters, we do have several companies offering a full commercial package for instruction & rental. This policy can provide protection for a single ship operation or for a fleet of several aircraft.

Part 135

We offer coverages for scenic flights fitting into Part 91 parameters as well as for full Part 135 policies. We will assist you in the completion of your paperwork for the FAA and provide necessary insurance documentation to make this process as easy as possible.

FBO Operators

Aircraft & Marine can provide the fixed base operator with a commercial insurance package including premises liability, products liability, and hangarkeepers.

D & O

Aircraft & Marine can provide insurance for airport associations needing D & O coverages. This type of policy will cover the officers of the association should any law suits be placed against them with regard to the operation of the airport.

Aerial Photography / Advertising

For those pilots performing fifty hours or less of aerial photography for compensation, we can add this activity for an additional 25% of premium. For those needing coverage for over fifty hours per year, we also have other companies offering this type of full-time coverage.

Pipeline Patrol

Aircraft & Marine can provide the pipeline patrol operator a policy specifically designed for this operation. We have several companies offering very competitive rates in this field.