About Aircraft & Marine

Our History

It has come to my attention that there are some members who are not aware of the role played by Aircraft & Marine in the scheme of things in the AYA. We were not always one of the top providers of aviation insurance in the nation. Here is a brief history of Aircraft & Marine:

The agency was started in 1976 with only one person, myself. I had a very small client base at that time with only a few airplanes and jet boats. It was an early morning and late-night affair. I worked in the field all day and typed applications very late at night. I had only one purpose at that time, and that was to fly and incorporate flying in my business.

My love for Grummans started long before I moved to the Northwest. I was first introduced to Jim Bede and American Yankees through an article in Popular Mechanics Magazine. The article gave detailed information about this new American aircraft, and how Bede would be able to place one in every garage in America. This, along with the advertised prices, really excited me to the point that I sent a letter to American in Cleveland requesting any information that they had regarding dealers in California and when I might be able to see this amazing bird...

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Norris E. Hibbler, Owner